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Mengia Tschalaer is a Professor of Anthropology and Political Science at City University of New York, Research Fellow at Brunel University London Law School, and an Honorary Research Fellow at the School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies at the University of Bristol. In the role of Marie-Curie Fellow at the School for Politics, Sociology and International Studies at University of Bristol (2019-2020), she led and managed a 2-year qualitative research project that examines the experiences of LGBTQI+ persons with Germany’s asylum system. Mengia has 15+ years of interdisciplinary qualitative research experience with hard to reach groups (i.e. tribal women, LGBTQI+ persons seeking asylum), including 30 months of fieldwork in India and Germany and my high-impact publications include a prize-nominated monograph published with Cambridge University Press and four recent publications on queer asylum in Germany in Ethnic and Racial Studies (2019) and the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies (2020). 


Mengia Tschalaer holds a Ph.D. in law and society and an M.A. in sociocultural anthropology, international law, and East Asian art history from University of Zurich. She has taught courses on law and society, transnational feminisms, and intersectionality at Columbia University and City University of New York. She was a Visiting Scholar and a Research Fellow at the Center for Gender and Sexuality Law, Columbia Law School. Her research received support from the Swiss National Science Foundation, University of Zurich, City University of New York,the European Commission and the Heinrich Böll Foundation. 

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